Go through a quick and easy registration in the SinkPay project, go to the "Deposit" section and top up your balance. After that, choose a suitable package for yourself, make the purchases you need, after purchases you will only have to collect your monthly profit to the main balance and withdraw real money to your electronic wallet, Visa or MasterCard. You can also make an exchange from the main account for the withdrawal to the account, for purchases and buy more packages and get even more profit.

You can top up your balance in the "Deposit" section in any way convenient for you.

There are no restrictions in the project for withdrawing funds, withdrawals are available to all users of the project who have replenished their balance for purchases for packages of I or more, withdrawals are available from the amount of monthly payments.

1. To withdraw the monthly payment from the account after the accumulation of funds in the section.

2. You can withdraw the main amount of the deposit after the expiration of the package.

You can withdraw the principal of the deposit before the expiry of the package time, but you will be penalized 20% of the principal of your investment.

You need to send your supervisor account link, which is located in the "Supervisor & Reseller" section to the user or users you want to invite. And also to use advertising platforms and social networks. As soon as your supervisors replenish the balance, you will receive your % for their replenishment to your account for withdrawal!

Before ordering a withdrawal of funds, you need to go to the "My wallets" section and for the safety of your funds, link the numbers of your accounts / wallets, where you want to withdraw your funds. Then go to the section "Withdraw" and order a payment. Withdrawal of funds is carried out automatically.

Go to the "Login" section, below there will be a link to "Forgot your password?", then enter your Email under which you registered on the project and click the restore button. After that, you will be sent an email with a new password which you can change in your profile settings. If the letter has not arrived, check the spam folder, there are cases when the letter may end up in the spam folder. After you change your password, use the form to enter your personal account.

The project has a 4-level supervisor program from 5% to 8% and a 3-level reseller program of monthly payments from 1% to 3%. Supervisor deductions are credited immediately after entering the initial payment of your supervisor.

1. Profit from supervisors.

Level 1 - When you invite 1 supervisor, you get 5% of the investment accrued.

Level 2 - When you invite 3 supervisors, you get 6% of the investment accrued.

Level 3 - When you invite 5 supervisors, you get 7% of the investment accrued.

Level 4 - When you invite 8 supervisors, you get 8% of the investment accrued.

2. Profit from reseller.

When 11 people are invited, the project user gets the Reseller status.

Level 1 - After inviting 11 supervisors, the project user receives 8% for the supervisor program and 1% of monthly payments.

Level 2 - After inviting 20 supervisors, the project user receives 8% for the supervisor program and 2% of monthly payments.

Level 3 - After inviting 30 supervisors, the project user receives 8% for the supervisor program and 3% of monthly payments.

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