Our team of leading traders and analysts professionals in the investment market has been successfully working since 1994. After many years of maximizing income, it was decided to scale up the business by creating the LLC "SinkPay" company and an online platform that allows both legal entities and individuals to successfully invest their funds.

   "SinkPay" LLC specialists, knowing well the percentage of earnings and risk, carry out restructuring, as a result of which a team of experienced, active, motivated professionals leads its own specialized department of activities, and thereby diversifies the total income of the company and clients. The leading areas in making money are cryptocurrency trading, trading in the stock market and the foreign exchange market.

   An important department is a making money by investing in nanotechnology. The direction is rapidly developing, attracting a large number of investors from all over the world and is almost a win-win option for making money, we could not leave this opportunity aside and added to the number of leading investors in the vector of nanotechnology development.

   The company is dynamically developing and expanding the areas of online earnings of the investment package. You are presented with a large-scale opportunity to become a successful investor in the global investment network and guaranteed to receive passive income for many years. A reliable tomorrow is secured today. TAKE ACTION!


How we work with investors


  • The adapted project allows each client to successfully earn money, keep abreast of the latest news and always stay in touch with the support of the company anywhere in the world.
  • A unique script, a multifunctional system for protecting your data, regular work to improve the system and the company, provides all the necessary conditions for a safe investment.
  • Mutually beneficial partnership with global business corporations, provides leadership in the investment market. As a result, the investment portfolio expands and the number of satisfied investors increases significantly.
  • The expansion of your financial capabilities increases significantly with the supervisor program, which is ready to bring 8% from each replenishment of your supervisors. Making money becomes much more profitable.
  • The presence of a reseller program of earnings every month from the replenishment of your supervisors in the amount of 3%.